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The Print Shop 2.0.11

User friendly desktop publishing software for Macs

The Print Shop is a popular and powerful desktop publishing software for Macs by developers Broderbund. View full description


  • Lots of templates
  • Ideal for basic design needs
  • Good for printing CD covers, track listings


  • Limited compared to Photoshop or Quark


The Print Shop is a popular and powerful desktop publishing software for Macs by developers Broderbund.

It allows you to create professional-looking cards, calendars, DVD cases and more. It also includes Photo Workshop, a powerful yet simple to use built-in editor to fix and enhance your photos, and a large collection of photos, graphics and creative fonts. The Print Shop is also integrated with iLife meaning you can import track names and times from iTunes to create album covers, playlists and track listings.

Alternatively, you can import your family photos from iPhoto to create greeting cards, add address labels with Address Book and create poster-size calendars with fixtures imported from iCal. Whatever you're making The Print Shop is packed with templates that do the hard work for you including nostalgia, sport and family themes. Version 2 has been upgraded to include many more templates and clipart images plus greater integration with iLife.

The Print Shop has suffered quite a few incompatibility problems with the latest versions of Windows but Mac users generally haven't been as badly affected. However, The Print Shop is no Photoshop or Quark - it is however more user friendly and more tailored to domestic needs.

The Print Shop is a relatively user friendly desktop publishing software for Macs.


  • • Powerful layout tools (rulers, guidelines, grids and "snap to" functionality)
  • • Layout Palette (provides access to a full set of alignment tools)
  • • More than twice as many professional quality photos and fine art graphics
  • • Drag and drop from iPhoto directly into your projects
  • • "Live" Transparency and Tint setting on the design desk
  • • New project types such as DVD Cases and Multipage Booklets
  • • Matching templates for Apple's iDVD (every theme since iDVD3)
  • • Support for more CD label brands (Avery, Memorex, NEATO, and CD Stomper)
  • • "Nudge" precision print alignment (especially useful for centering labels)
  • • Full support for two-sided printing for duplex-capable printers
  • • New photo effects, plus new special edges and transparent effects
  • • Spotlight importer for The Print Shop files
  • The Print Shop for Mac 2 includes:
  • • The Print Shop User Guide (PDF accessed from Help menu)
  • • 9500+ professionally designed project templates
  • • 19,500+ premium images (photos and graphics)
  • • 240+ great-looking fonts (100 new in this edition)
  • • Powerful layout tools (rulers, grids, and guidelines)
  • • Photo Workshop (advanced photo editor with special edges and effects)
  • • Integration with Apple's iLife (iTunes, iPhoto, and iDVD), iCal and Address Book
  • • Support for label-free CD printing (with selected HP, EPSON and Canon printers*)
The Print Shop


The Print Shop 2.0.11

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  • jaymeandcharley

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    When you try to download, it takes you to the app store where its 44.99 (pounds!! which is like almost 100 in cad$) a...   More.